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You may ask yourself if it’s possible to learn French by yourself? Yes, and it’s one of the easiest languages for an English speaker to learn. For instance, French and English share many similarities like grammatical structure, alphabet and have several words in common. Also, English has adapted and stolen many French words.

Teaching yourself has so many advantages rather than finding a tutor or going to class since you can use your learning styles at your own pace. Below are the tips that you can use:-

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Through Mistakes

Everyone learns from mistakes. Thus, it’s very much okay to have mistakes but the more you try speaking it, the less the errors. All that you need is to be kind to yourself, letting yourself make those mistakes from the beginning, and you will go far since you will learn from those mistakes that you need.
For the starts, you can use any version, then after learning the language, you can now choose which version to use. Also, never give up, many will starting giving up due to many mistakes that they make, but in a real sense, making mistakes is a great sign that you are doing something. And through them, you get challenged.

Get Mixing

For a start, you can start doing a little writing each day using the French vocabulary that you have been learning. It’s quite funny using a mixer of both languages but if you don’t know a word, just use English and don’t worry about the sentence structure.

Also, while talking to your friends, involve them by speaking using French, because explaining your new favorite words will quite be helpful to understand it. If you find your friends are not interested in your language, talk to animals in the house like cats, dogs etc. For example, say hello your cat in French “bonjour au chat.”

The Baby Steps

When a child starts learning, the teacher uses step by step to make the kid understand everything. For example, the teacher can use books that are fun to them, pictures to demonstrate among many others.  For you, you need to have those fun things like a book whereby you can refer a word if you forgot, or you can use pictures. Since the more you immerse yourself, the faster you will use it.

Songs and Music

You can approach French in many ways, for example through songs and music, at first you can enjoy the sound of the song and decides to look for the lyrics of the song. As the song starts you start following your words one by one. Thus, enables you to balance the listening and the book work.

Connection With Other People

Handwritten letters days are over now, but you can use the current forms of communication like email pal. It’s is a perfect idea of learning a language. You can go on forums for language learning on the internet. For instance, you can search for any French interested groups across the globe and start chatting. With that, you get to know more phrases that they use.

Typing email

Watching French Movies

Watching a French movie is another way you can immerse yourself in their culture and language. French love their movies, so they make it fun, and you can enjoy it. If you don’t have a lot of time to watch a whole movie, you can watch French news. It will make you recognize some common words that they use, through the pictures you get to know more about it.

We hope these tips have been helpful for you.   If you have any tips of your own, please submit them to us, and if we use your tips on our site, we will give you full credit.

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