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So you want to know how to speak French? Well, why wouldn’t you! It’s one of the most popular languages that is spoken in the world today. It is actually in the top 5 most spoken languages throughout the whole world. People just fall in love with the way it is spoken and the way it sounds. It really is the most romantic language you could ever learn.

The first thing you should do when learning how to speak French is to browse as many websites as you can to see what options are available. If you want to take your time for instance, then you may well find websites with free French phrases and pronunciation tips that will give you all you need to know.

Get A Tutor

On the other hand, if you want to learn French fast, then maybe one of the paid French online tutorial courses would suit you best. These give you everything you need but all laid out in a well-researched manner. So you start at the beginning and don’t try and learn anything too advanced, too quickly. This is important as it will prevent you from losing focus and becoming bored with what you are doing.

Interactive Courses

The interactive courses make learning French fun because they offer audio versions, which means you can download them and play them on your MP3 player or in the car. Many of them also have games and other fun activities which you will find enjoyable and you will be learning French without actually realizing it. It is a far cry from studying a thick text book, like you may have had to do 5 years ago!

Listen And Repeat French In As Quiet A Place As Possible

After you have brushed up the BASICS of your language you can go to the next step. Listening and repeating French if possible in a quiet place as to forget the outside world for the time being. The fastest way to start developing your listening is the two-way approach:

  • First is the Slow approach, where you need to listen to French with a beginner audio course where the pace of the speaker is usually slow. There are many courses online that you can download or on a CD. Free courses tend to be limited.


  • Second is the Fast approach. While you listening to your beginner French course you should try watching few French movies, with or without subtitles, as to get acquainted with the speed and pronunciation. Also if available you could listen to French radio or TV channels even if with little or none understanding.

    As you are listening you should repeat the words or phrases immediately. Try repeating the words and phrases immediately concentrating on the sound of the words. Stop and repeat anything you like. Usually finding how to pronounce the alphabet is the first thing one should do. Repeat it singing and notice the similarities and the differences to your alphabet memorizing the latter. If necessary you can make a new song out of it.


We hope these tips help you in your quest of how to speak French. It is a very basic and easy language to learn. Once you master the very basics of the phrases and verbs. Once you do this, you will be well on your way to speaking that language you’ve always wanted to learn. Just think about how many of your friends you’ll be able to impress!

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