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Clearly, learning from home can be rather challenging because of the many distractions it comes with.  Being a foreign language can even make things tougher for that reason it requires self-discipline and tips to be able to learn French.  Despite the odds, it’s possible to learn French at home.


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The first and most important step to achieving learning French on your own is by common sense coming up with a consistent studying routine and comfortable learning environment.  Identify whether you are a morning, afternoon or evening person.

learn on tvl

From the comfort of your television, you can use a french tutorial channel or even purchase a video you can watch or music you can listen to.  French being something you learn from how to write to how you pronounce words listening to the foreigners speak gives one an upper hand in mastering and learning how to speak fluently.  If you watch it out of habit then you slowly get to understand the language.  With the good technology, you can also maximize on your phone by using phone apps that give such lessons and even assess you to evaluate your level of understanding as you continue with your learning of French.


Secondly, one can decide to have a homeschooling type of learning.  This will involve hiring an expert who will teach you on a one on one basis.  The tutor will obviously go at your own pace and ensure you understand before he moves to the next step in a bid to satisfy his student.  He/she also works according to your schedule in your own comfort zone without being given a hard time as your in your own natural habitat giving one a friendly environment for learning.


If you are an aggressive person, your own effort can be enough to learn French at home.  You buy your own tools like the necessary reading books where in this case you are the one who freely decides what you want to learn.  You learn on your own terms and conditions.  However, to read and understand on your own, you need consistency and stick to your books as practice makes perfect.

You do the necessary exercises and consultations from books to sharpen your skills in the language.  You can also practice by making simple sentences to those who relate to the language or even to yourself an always check to confirm if you’re on the right path if not correct yourself as we all learn from our mistakes.  You can also use what you have learned to teach other interested learners of the language.


Implying the use of vocabulary stickers can also serve a good teaching skill.  Sticking around vocabulary sticky notes on the walls of the house and even the fridge with French words and sentences accompanied with translations.  Seeing this sticker more often create a vivid image and helps one retain memory.  It ensures you interact with the language more often without you even realizing.  If the stickers are put to use they make learning the language easier.


In conclusion, from the ways stated above, learning French at home can only be successful depending on your mindset and approach towards the foreign language.

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