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Learning a new language can be quite a task, especially for adults who already have too much information in their heads. Learning French can be quite a daunting task when you have to do it in a little amount of time. You may probably be learning French for work purposes, a trip to France or because you are moving to France. Whatever the reason, you will need to get well acquainted with the grammar used and the pronunciation. So how do you go about learning French in a matter of days or months? The answer lies in a learn French CD.


Interactive Learning

Many learning programs are boring and monotonous, causing you to lose interest within the first few days. Buying a CD that only has repetitions of phrases and robotic voices will definitely cause you to lose interest within the first few minutes of the program. This is why you must find something that is interactive and allows you to have conversations. You may think it is not possible to find something like this, but you are wrong. There are a few programs that focus on building your conversation skills rather than teaching you only grammar and complicated sentences which you will forget in no time.


When I first started learning French, I had great trouble with the pronunciations. I could write down full sentences with great ease (all were grammatically correct), but when it came to speaking I just blanked out. If you plan to travel in France, or in any other place that requires you to speak French, you need to know how to make conversation. If you know the language but cannot pronounce well, people will find it difficult to understand you. This is why there are many programs that have come up that help with accurate pronunciation and proper use of grammar in simple sentences.

Simple Sentences

speaking frenchIf you plan to learn the language by learning the alphabet and all the grammatical rules, you will surely take a lot more time to learn. The best way to learn French, or any language for that matter, is by picking up on the simple sentences at first. Start with the easy things like hello and goodbye. Then learn the prepositions first after which you start with the interrogative adverbs. This will help you get around while traveling. There are CD’s that teach you things like how to buy train tickets, how to buy things, how to negotiate prices and get around.

Only after you start learning basic sentences and questions will you be ready to learn more detailed stuff. Once you know how to say a few sentences, your interest in the language will grow a lot more and you will want to start learning French. While choosing a Learn French CD, make sure it has things like interactive audio lessons, culture and language lessons and most importantly, a progress report. This will help you learn French a lot faster and you will be surprised at the rate you are progressing. By buying a good CD you will not only learn French fast but will also find it extremely interesting.

Thank you for learning with us.  If you have any tips or tricks please let us know.

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