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Bonjour! Comment allez – vous? You’re well. I’m glad to hear it! I’m not surprised to hear that you’d like to learn French. It’s the language of romance, and it’s one of the most popular languages used around the world. I know you’re going to be surprised to hear this, but you really can learn to speak French with ease.

One of my favorite language sites is Duolingo, where they help you learn some core words and even help you to get the accent right. You can sign up and start straight away. This app helps you to build up the basic foundations of the language, helping you to become familiar with popular or frequently used words. Once you have these, you have some of the basic building blocks of the language.

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Duolingo is not the only site you can learn from though. There’s also Speak Easy and FluentU. Once you learn some of the basic words, you can use some of them throughout the day. Greet yourself, and ask yourself how you are. You can use French to count out your scoops of coffee grounds or to identify the ingredients in your breakfast. Watching a French cooking show, or reading French aloud, will help you to make language learning a part of your day. This way, the language will start to mingle naturally with your everyday life.

Try to grasp the rhythm of the language, so that it flows off your tongue with ease. Once you have some basic words, and the opportunity to use subtitles, start to watch some French films. Amelie is one of my favorites. No matter how many times you watch it, it will never lose its charm. Over time, the number of words you’ll pick up will increase, and you won’t need the subtitles quite so much anymore.

As your confidence increases, you might want to start speaking French to others. This could be with a group of fellow learners, or, if you feel brave enough, you could chat to somebody fluent in French. Many people deeply appreciate somebody willing to learn their language and will respond with respect and patience to your efforts. Eventually, the words will begin to feel familiar to you, and the shape of the words will start to emerge naturally for you.

croissantRemember to reward yourself for your efforts, so that your task becomes an enjoyable one. Work through the words you know, and reward yourself with a pastry – croissant, or pan au chocolat. Go for a cafe au lait. Learning French will feel like a treat, and you can start to enjoy elements of the culture too.

The more you practice, the more familiar the language will become, until one day you realize that you’re starting to feel at ease with the language. Make use of it whenever you can, so that it remains familiar, and you keep putting it into practice. By now, you’ll have found your own favorite ways of learning, and your own voice when it comes to the language. Long may it last.

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