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Globalization has caused a lot of people to start learning new languages to add on to their native language. Whether it is for work, travel, school or just for the fun of it, speaking a foreign language is interesting and fun. It even makes you look cool to your peers. Most languages are easy to learn, however. there are those that may be a bit more difficult to a beginner. Many people may have taken onto learning French. If you come up with a proper study plan, you will find out that learning French can be far much easier for you. You just have to come up with one that works well for you. What works for you may not work for another person. Also, each approach may bring out different results.


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Here are some few tips that will help you learn French a lot easier:

  1. Review and Repetition

The key to learning French, just like any other language is repetition. Repetition enables us to memorize the content that we have already learned, making it easier for us to remember what different words mean and to know proper ways of structuring sentences. Many students concentrate more on learning new material, forgetting to review the older one. Remember that, for every one hour you spend learning new material, spend at least one hour reviewing the older material.


  1. Set Aside Your Own Study Time

Do not just depend on the studying French in class or with your tutor. You should make your own time where you get to revise the things you learned and even take small quizzes to know if you remember. People who do not study on their own advance less fast. You can also watch videos online that will help in practicing as YouTube videos and blogs. If you find yourself too busy, You can make flashcards or keep a notebook with short notes and vocabulary and take some few minutes to look at them.


  1. Study Regularly and For Short Periods of Time

Do not try to learn everything in one sitting. You will become frustrated and exhausted. Just focus on some few things to memorize at that given time and the rest you will learn as you become more conversant with the language. You will find that by studying it regularly and for a short time, you get to learn it faster.


  1. Make French Part of Your Everyday Vocabulary

speaking frenchWhile in class, you can relate the examples the teacher give you to things you come across in your everyday life or talk about often. This will make you memorize and remember more. You should also try as much as you can to connect with people who speak French through social media such as Facebook. If you do not have any French-speaking friend, make your classmates your friends so that you can talk with them. This will enhance your vocabulary.


  1. Try Not To Translate French Into English

A little bit of translation, in the beginning, is normal. It makes your brain grasp what you are talking about. However, the process of translating the idea into English and then to French makes you waste a lot of time and may make you look like a fool when the literal translation does not work.


  1. Take A Class

It is easier to learn French when you have a teacher or tutor guiding you. They will motivate you and even find creative ways of explaining a point for better understanding. Teachers will also teach you some things you may not have known if you decided to study by yourself. Moreover, some people also learn better with the help of a teacher.


  1. Watch French Movies and Read French Books

You can start by watching cartoons and children’s movies and reading children’s books. This will help you in your sentence structuring. At the beginner level, you would want to get movies with subtitles to know exactly what they are talking about.


  1. Always Study With Audio

This is also a key method that many people seem to underrate. Written French and spoken French can be very different. There are many silent letters and glidings that you would not know of if you only focused on written French. Even when you are studying grammar, it is more important to play an audio to confirm how the word is spoken.


  1. Keep A Journal/ Diary

Even while you are still at the beginner level, you can still do this. Just write down the few things you know and practice them frequently. As you advance in your vocabulary, make sure to add on to your journal. You can also use it to write something about your day in French.


In my experience, working with a tutor is the most effective method, You will be able to learn faster with someone guiding you. However, it is important to find a method that best works for you.

Thank you for reading our article.  We hope you find these tips helpful while learning French.   If you have any comments or questions please contact us.   If you happen to have any tips or tricks to share, we would love to hear them.    If we happen to use your tips online we will give you full credit for the tip.  Also please remember to visit our sponsor:  Houston Parking Lot Striping – Arrow Parking Lot Striping


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